Friday, June 30, 2017

I'm back after a short vacation....................................

Hello everyone,

Missed posting last week all together, as we embarked on a mini-vacation to one of our favorite places, Gettysburg PA.  This particular trip was a lot of fun as Bryan and Jess went there as well.  It was the American Motors International Convention.  Although we didn't take our car, we did see a lot of beautiful American Motors machines from years ago.  Here are a few of what we saw of interest.

Pro-stock AMX.  Had the original paint job.  

AMC Scrambler.  There were two paint schemes A  and  B for these cars.  You can see both here.

The car that won Best of Show and the coveted America's Cup, was the same color car as Bernie's, Green.  Unusual for a green car to win it all!!!

The show field had little to be desired.  We had gone to shows there in the 90's at the same hotel and we parked on grass under trees and it was wonderful.  This year, ugh!  Glad we didn't take the car, what a mess after the rain we had the night before.

So without having the car there, we were able to do other things of interest.

We took a tour of the Eisenhower Farm.  This farm was purchased in 1950 by Dwight and his wife, Mamie.  It was purchased to be a retreat as well as their retirement home.  He loved farming and had over 197 acres of land there across the street from the battlefield.  It also became the make shift White House when he had his heart attack in 1955.  He recuperated there as well as ran the nation from this small office.

Next is a picture of his formal living room that they never used.  It contained two pianos as both played, but Mamie played the best by ear.  Also, this room contained a fireplace that originally was in the White House.  They paid $500 for it.
Piano with all the family photos.

Fireplace from the White

Inside this room was also a cabinet full of gifts from foreign dignitaries and other guests.

The Eisenhower's were the last presidential family to be allowed to accept and keep the gifts from their guests.  Beginning with Kennedy, any item that they wanted to keep would have to be paid for.

Here is the front of the Eisenhower House as well as one of Ike's trucks he used for farming.

I have a lot more photos of the place, perhaps for another post one day.

Here is a nice photo of Bernie, Jess, and Bryan beside the Eisenhower Farm.

We had a great time in Gettysburg with "The Kids."

On the last night there for Bernie and I, Bryan, Jess, and I took a walk in Gettysburg.  We visited the cemetery as well as walked the town.  These are some of the barrels full of flowers along the street.  They were so beautiful that I had to take a picture of them.  We all got our steps in for that day for sure.  (All three of us wear Fitbits)

Also while there, we went to a Civil War Memorabilia Show, which was totally awesome!!!  Gosh, we all enjoyed it so much.  These were dealers from all over and some of their items were just unbelievable that they are still in the condition they are in.  There was a sword there being sold for $62,000!!  Holy cow!!!  The only thing I saw there that I would have liked to have was a Piccolo!  It was only $85.  Of course, I would have to learn to play it!!

Well, back at home, I went to quilting on Wed., and I am working on a project for the center again.  I'm making a Christmas Quilt that will be sold at the Octoberfest.  I still have two quilts of my own to get finished, and I also need to be making table runners and lamps for the show in October!  

So much to do, so little time!  

Well, I'll leave you with this picture of our home.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July!!


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