Thursday, July 6, 2017

Quilting, Wildlife, Flowers..........Best of Summer 2017!!

Hello Everyone,

Hey, I'm on schedule for this posting!  Good girl, Debbie!!!!  It's Thursday, July 6!  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  We spent it quietly at home.  No fireworks, but we did cook some kielbasa and hot dogs on the grill.  The neighbors actually supplied the firework booms!!  Glad they are just weekenders and all go home! Did watch the Macy's fireworks from New York City.  

Weather has been rainy, stormy, cloudy and sunny all rolled into one!  You just never know what the next hour may bring.  Today was sunny, then partly sunny, now cloudy, but I got my 10,000 steps in.  I've been walking each day to the Soundtrack of Gettysburg!  It is 57 minutes long and is perfect for walking.

You've all heard of Christmas in July, well, how about Easter in July!  At least that is what my Easter Lilies are saying.

I'm just so happy that they got to bloom this year.  Last year they were just about ready to bloom and poof............gone...................darn deer ate the blooms off.

We have a lot of good plants growing out in the yard.  The potted plants, I wish I could say the same, but just about every petunia has bit the dust!

The daylilies are at their finest.  Every color imaginable there.  I need to spread them out and move some to other areas of the yard.  From the front yard they are absolutely gorgeous looking to the backyard.

Bernie has been on vacation this week, so we have had some nice deck time to watch the wildlife.  He took some really nice pictures of animals, birds, etc.  Here are just a few!

Mr. Bunny lives under our deck.  He was very small when we first noticed him, but he has grown considerably the past month or two.  We tried to feed him bread, but he sniffed it and left it alone.  Guess he's not a Pittsburgh bunny!  I used to feed them Italian bread out of my hand down there.

So what he wouldn't eat.....................................

Chippy did!  He loved the Italian bread.  Of course, we have so many grinnies that we could put a loaf of it out there and it would be gone quickly.

Next we move onto the birds near and on the birdfeeder...............................

We watched this comical pair of woodpeckers for quite a while.  They were obviously husband and wife as they stayed on opposite sides of the tree truck!  Then the male would go down to the feeder, get a black sunflower seed, bring it back to the tree, break it out of the shell and feed it to her, as it should be.  Ha Ha!!! He did this so many times that it kept Bernie and I amused for quite a while.

Next came some other birds that were just pretty, and they enjoyed the seeds too!

We had the male cardinal and the female was around here too somewhere.

 Then we saw the male finch.  He frequented the feeder all night long.
And in this case the female finch helped herself.

As I said this kept us entertained one whole evening.  It was a nice warm, not hot, not humid, with a slight breeze to keep those pesky mosquitoes away!

I didn't go to quilting yesterday because we made a trip to visit Bernie's folks, but I did bring homework home from last week.  I told you about making an explosion quilt using Christmas fabric for the Octoberfest.  So here is a picture of what one of the blocks looks like.  I have to have 30 of these ready to go by next Wednesday.

Bad picture, but at least you can see the look of it.  I really love this fabric.  I may just like this one for myself.  I love the snowman, dog, cat center fabric and the snowflake outer fabric is like a dark rusty red color, the outside is holly and it is like a hunter green.  These are my colors!!

We aren't sure what else is in store for the remainder of Bernie's vacation.  Chilling out at home is fine by me!!

Please continue to pray for our friends Eileen and Danny as they continue the fight!

Hope you have a great summertime weekend, full of fun, grilling, and Macy's favorite thing.............
playing ball outside.   Hey look!!!  She's bringing it back this time............... :)

  Hugs to all,



  1. We have a family of rabbits that live under the shed. Wade called me out on the deck the one day to show me the latest member of the family was sitting out in the yard.
    I like that explosion block and the center fabric is so cute.
    Macy is so cute. Looks like she's enjoying her summer.
    This past week has been nice for me. No driving :)

    1. For some reason, I was not seeing my comments. Sorry, I'm late answering!! It was nice having the men home for the week!! I love bunnies. My baby one has grown, but still lives under our deck.

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the bunny, maybe he would enjoy some greens, like endive.

    Happy Weekend, I am off to a 2 day felt painting workshop, using roving, wool fibers on a felted piece of felt. I'll have pictures on my blog next week.


    1. Sounded like fun! Hiw was the workshop?