Thursday, August 24, 2017

Another week - come and gone in a flash I might add!!

Hi everyone,

Another week has gone by.  My last post was only five days ago, but now I'm back on track again for this week with my Thursday post.

Sunday was Bernie's birthday and Bryan and Jess came for a visit.  We included Jess' name on the cake as we jipped her of a cake on her birthday and it was Macy's birthday right before Bernie's.  So, I thought I was being creative and got all three of their names on one of those "delicious" TOPs Market cakes.  It was half and half and we waited in great anticipation for the cake with butter-cream icing.  We cut some slices, put with our chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and were all set.  Except when we dug into the cake, it was awful!  I mean terrible.  The cake tasted stale, a slight bit hard and not very raised up.  So, the crows enjoyed it and I went after TOPs and got my money back.  I could have made one of my Betty Crocker cakes with Butter Cream Icing that would have been good.  Lesson learned-------no more store-bought cakes.  Seems that the cake which we thought was baked in-store, is actually shipped into them already baked and frozen.  My friend, Ann, is a bakery manager at another local store and she told me that her cakes were this way as well.   What ever happened to a real bakery?   Guess they are only in Pittsburgh!!!  We had a great grilled dinner of burgers and hot dogs along with my homemade potato salad and green beans.

Went to quilting yesterday, worked on sewing together some squares that were made by someone else.  I had a devil of a time lining them up.  This gal, even after I squared them up, still had mistakes like not pressing the seams out all the way, and un-straight lines everywhere.  I told myself that I will never work again on something that was partially done by someone else who hurriedly put pieces together.  No pictures taken of this.

I instead came home and worked on a Christmas covering that I will use with my display for the lamp show.  This is not a perfect piece, I got it together quickly as I'm getting pressed for time now.  It turned out OK and is something that I can use here at the house during the holidays.  I stopped at a garage sale down the street last Sunday, looking for quilting material and found only a green tablecloth for $1.00.  Couldn't pass it up and cut it in half and used it on the back of this topper.  I like how it turned out.

Two of the ladies at the center also crochet.  They showed me a few weeks ago a pattern for a very loose crochet for a blanket or afghan.  I decided to have them show me again and began last night doing this.  I only have the two skeins of yarn, so I'll either have to get more, or make this for Macy!!
I have a long way to go, but it goes fast especially when I was watching the Pirate game last night and they actually beat the Dodgers!!  Let's Go Bucs!!  Well, the season is pretty much over for the ole buccos, but there is always next year!  
 I made it pretty long as to cover one person up nicely.  Definitely going to need more yarn!!

The other thing I did last night and finished this morning was putting a piece of fabric on those four skater/caroler panels from last post.  I put a fabric strip, which is removable, sewed it on by hand so I can put a rod through it to hang it in the cabin if I want.

I spoke with the owner of the cabin yesterday and she will be sending me pictures of the inside, all emptied out.  This weekend is her last week of the show and she will take pictures either Monday or Tuesday after she removes her wares.  She has some tables and such that she wants me to see if I can utilize and if so, she will leave them there for me to use.  I can't wait to see it inside.  Hopefully, I'll some pics to show you next week.

Well, that is it for this week.  The weather is cooling down around here and I welcome that.  This is my kind of weather, low humidity and temps in the 60s and 70s!  If you are in Texas gulf area, I pray that Hurricane Harvey doesn't hit too hard and that everyone remains safe.  I hope that everyone has a nice weekend and I'll check back with you next week!

Prayers for all our friends and family!



  1. The Christmas topper is sweet and simple, often the best thing! Love the crochet stitch you are using! xx

  2. Thanks,Joy, for your comments. The topper came out great for what I will use it for at the show. The crochet pattern is done using a K needle, or larger one and you're supposed to crochet it using loose stitches with double thread, but I like to crochet tighter, but I like it's look!