Thursday, September 7, 2017

Two Weeks Ago...................

Hello Everyone,

It's been two weeks ago..............since my last post!  Been a really busy time here for me!  I'm getting ready for the big show next month, still have some lamps that I am working on each day, today I'm going to focus on some quilting though.

I missed quilting for two weeks at the center, so not much happening there.  The center did have a pizza and ice cream social last Thursday evening that we attended.  We got 2 large pieces of pizza, like a quarter of a large pie, and one trip to the ice cream bar where we got a hefty scoop of ice cream and all the toppings you could ask for all for $5.  Bernie and I enjoyed our time there.

I've been working on my afghan each evening, with the weather cooling way down, it was nice working on that.  Here is the finished product!  Already a finish for the month of Sept.   My Mom used to make pillows too from yarn, so I may try to make at at least a pillow or two for the couch to coordinate with this with the leftover yarn.   The colors are buff, hunter green and claret.  I did it in Christmas colors as it can accompany me to the Woods for the show.

I've also made two more quilts for the display at the show.  These are totally rustic in nature and match.  I am trying to learn how to free-motion quilt, so although these are not perfect, they will suit my needs.

 I quilted around the edges as well as each different strip around the squares.

 Then I free-motioned around the moose ears and along the house, free-motion takes a lot of practice.  I'll be learning this for quite a while!

The backing is just a plain off-white and I put a temporary fabric hanger strip on the back that you can see here.

I spoke with Natalie, who is the person who owns the booth that I am renting for this show and she is a really, nice person!  She has helped me so much!  I am able to use my Square credit card taker there at the show using the hotspot that Bryan helped me with! Thanks to him for lending me his IPad so people don't have to strain to sign my little IPhone!   I am so electronically challenged.  :)
So, I'll be able to take credit card payments for the lamps which really helps out!

Natalie also sent me four pictures of the inside of the booth when it was emptied out.  Just shown is some tables that she is letting me use in there. Thank goodness, that really helps me out a bunch.  If I don't want to use them all, I can remove them to the side porch or out back.

The top left you can see the two doors coming into the cabin.  It has an old vanity there which can hold probably three lamps.  The top right picture is the left door and side.  She has a few tables there that I can utilize.

The bottom left is back.  She has a shelf above all the windows which I won't be using for lamps, but perhaps some Christmas decor items.  The drop leaf table will be perfect and above it is another window that I can remove the covering and open up if need be.  The last picture again is the outside.

Thanks again to all the people that have given me ideas for the booth.  It has really helped me.

Natalie also sent me a video which I have found to be useful as well.  I'm attaching it below.  I'm hoping you all can view it.  If not, sorry.  :(

She has lots of nails as she does floral design, so I'll be covering up those nails with my wall hangings or decorations.  I just got a text from her yesterday and she said she may go down there and fill in holes and repaint the inside before my show.  I wasn't really concerned about that at all.  I can make do with what I have to work with.  I love a good challenge.

I still have to make my skirt for the show.  I have my Garibaldi blouse ready.  The skirt is just a drawstring around fabric or even elastic if necessary and then I'll sash it.  Should be fun!

Well, that is it for this week.  Prayers going out to all our friends and family and also to those that have had to deal with Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma.

Til next week, take care, everyone!



  1. Your afghan is progressing nicely! The quilts are very gorgeous too. Nice to get photos of the cabin so you can plan a bit... xx

  2. Thank you, Joy! The afghan was a change of pace for me! I've been either lamping or quilting so much it was a much needed change. My hubby has already claimed the afghan for himself and Macy for winter!! Guess I'll need another one for me. :)