Tuesday, July 31, 2018

End of July................Already???

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer.  I know that I am, and what a beautiful day we have going on out there right now!  It is a little breezy and was a nice cool morning so I took advantage of it and took a 60-minute walk up and down our dirt side road.  I love walking and listening to the movie "Gettysburg" Soundtrack.  Some of the numbers really make you walk faster!  Here is my favorite song from the soundtrack Gettysburg.  Click on the word Gettysburg!  There are so many great songs on the soundtrack.

It's been more than a month since I posted to my blog.  I've been up to a lot lately.  I guess the biggest accomplishment I have had thus far is that as of today I am 15# lighter.  I began about a month ago watching what I eat and walking and I'm having some success!  This makes me happy.

I finished a Christmas Tree Skirt. 
 And here is the back.

I totally cleaned, and organized my sewing area.  Hey!  It's much better than it looked before. 

 Organized all my fabrics and projects I'm working on are in the top wicker bins.

Fabric neatly wrapped on cardboard and yardage written on it.

My work table beside my sewing machine that Bernie made for me a few years ago.  My rulers used to be strewn about, but now they have their own hooks on the side of the table within easy reach. 

So, I've accomplished a lot down stairs. 

I continue to work on lamps as October is getting closer and I need to have a lot this year to sell. 

I have my first show this weekend and have lamps and quilted items to sell.  This will be the first outing for our smaller version lamps, so I'm hoping that they are a huge success.  My friend, Ann, and I do this show together every year, and it's always a fun time!

Ann and I actually went to Lake Erie yesterday for an outing.  We went and gathered flat stones that can be painted, and decorated, as well as I gathered some small stones from the beach to try on one of our small lamps.  I'll take a picture of that after I complete one.  We walked the beach for a while, and then walked the trail for over an hour.  We acted like tourists, taking pictures along the way, visited the Presque Isle Lighthouse, didn't go in it.  They charge $3.00 to just walk inside the house and if you wanted to climb the 78-stairs to the top, it cost $6.00.  We decided to just take a picture and be satisfied.  I did have to buy a couple postcards though.  I keep them on hand and sometimes mail one out to someone just because!!

I entered a few giveaways in a Christmas in July bloghop and was notified that I won a new book called "Sew Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Mary Hertel.  Can't wait to get it.

Other than that, not much else going on.  What is everyone doing this summer? 

I have lots to follow-up with you on next post, the show, hopefully a lamp with lake stones, and more finishes on quilts.

So till then,  Happy August!!!!



  1. Your sewing area looks great. I need to get my craft room more organized. Maybe one of these days.
    Had fun at Presque Isle yesterday.

  2. Thanks, Ann!! I had a great time yesterday at Lake Erie too! We got to do it again!!

  3. Looks like you have some really great organization going in your sewing room!

    1. I’m trying to keep it organized and so far I am succeeding.