Friday, September 21, 2018

Last Monday of Summer and Last Day of Summer!!

Hi everyone!

Doing much better with the posting, twice in one month.  WooHoo!!!  I finally have enough material to post today so here goes................................

I have quite a few pictures, so I hope I get them in some type of an order.  Last Friday night was just a beautiful evening, so Bernie got out his AMX and we took it for a nice drive.  We tried to get some corn, but corn is pretty much done in these parts, although we found some, it just wasn't good.  Here is a pic of me with the AMX.  Bernie made the comment that it has only been 41 years since I've allowed him to take a pic of me with the AMX and it was about time.

I'm still walking every morning for breakfast, not literally, I just walk for at least 30 minutes each morning and this morning was so nice out that I did over an hour walk.  Where do I walk, up and down the same dirt road, and no!  I don't get bored.  I just put on my music and walk, walk, walk!!

Today, went something like this.............................

I started out seeing a guy on his mowing machine for the township, who I like to call Mow Man!
This guy mows along side our roads three times a year, spring, summer, and fall.  He does a really nice job too!  It just seems to take him forever to complete his mowing.  He's been around our area for three days now!  We do things a lot slower in the country.  Hee Hee!!  The photo on the right is our dirt side road and this is where I walk.  Through the trees on the right is our home.

I also walked down by the new home they are building and I have to say, that I'm disappointed that they didn't brick it.  They used vinyl siding and now the colors are so bland!  Also, they didn't match the barn across the street.  I have this problem with things that are built that don't all match, ask Bernie about that sometime.  Hee Hee!!

So when I was just about finished with my walk, the sky was getting darker, so I looked at the radar, and here comes Hurricane Florence's rain and wind and knew it was about time to head home for breakfast. Who else loves these Cheerios Pumpkin and Spice Flavor?  Also, that is fresh orange juice that my father-in-law made for us, Thanks, Dad!!  It is so good!!

Also, at the end of my walk I passed by some plants in our yard and found a photo op there.There are the marigolds, the new ice plant, and lavender.

  Continuing on with this walk past the front of our home I came across some new flowers and corn.  Yep, I'm getting ready for fall y'all!!!

I love these $ store finds.

The corn wasn't a dollar store find, but from Joann Fabrics a few years back.  Now this corn looks like it's ripe for the pickin!  Hee Haw!!!

Just a few more pics and I'll be finished!  I've been quilting this table topper for a while now and can finally see the light of it being done.  I was making it for the center, but the more I work on it the more I think I will keep it. I've been going to the center on quilting day, but I'm really not enjoying going there much anymore.  I've been busy working on more lamps each day.

So with autumn arriving on Saturday, I think that I'll just finish on this note.  Not only do I LOVE FALL! , but Macy loves it too! 

I would have finished this post on Monday, but since I wanted to add one more thing, it is now Friday, the last day of summer.  Here is what the wait was for:

Stella, my nephew's wife, and I entered a local flower farmers giveaway to win some flowers.  Little did we know that we would both win.  So, Jessica, from Hickory Grove Flower Farm Co. delivered both of our bouquets to me.  Since I've been cleaning out, I only saved one vase figuring I'd only ever receive one batch of flowers at a time, so I had to use an old milk bottle I had on the shelf, so most of the flowers had to go in the vase and only a few in the milk bottle.  So, here is what we won!  Aren't they beautiful???

Til next time............................Happy Fall Y'All!!!!


PS, I'd like to send prayers to my mother-in-law, Joan, who is in the hospital and I hope she is well real soon and also prayers to my good friend, Eileen and her husband, Art.  His sister passed away today.  Blessings to everyone!!

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