Monday, January 21, 2019

October Christmas in the Woods Wrap Up! and Now it's 2019!

Hello Everyone,

I tried to post twice a month in 2018, but that didn't seem to be working very well at all.  I found this October post in my drafts.  So, I'll just continue to add to it now that we are in January 2019.

So, October had been a very busy one for Bernie and I for sure.  This is the month that we go to Christmas in the Woods with our lamps in Columbiana OH.  If you recall, we sold out of them last year on the second weekend of the show on the Saturday before noon when we took 45 of them not knowing what to expect.

This year we had 77 to take,and we sold out again.   These two weekends were very cold and Bryan and I warmed ourselves up on hot soup from one of the vendors and the vegetable beef was so good that we had it twice!  I sold the very last lamp on the last day at 5:00!  I thought I was going to bring one home, but as I was cleaning up, a lady came running into the cabin and purchased the very last one!!!  My goal was met!!!

The staff there in the woods came and took Bryan and my photograph, so perhaps we will be in the next years newsletter. Who knows!

Some pictures from the woods of our cabin!

Dec 1 and 2 was another craft show that I signed us up for in Erie PA.  It was at an Intermediate School, but was actually for what is called Asbury Woods. You can click here to see what it is about.

We went there with 34 lamps, and we sold 17 of them there and another one after the show, so 18.  It is what we expected for a small show like this and we were happy.  Bernie accompanied me to this show both days and this was his first selling experience.  I liked for him to be there so he could see and hear the wonderful comments we get from the people who either just stop by or actually purchase a lamp.  He did make his first sale while there.

Our layout for this show was different because we actually had electricity.  Here is what it looked like.

 Our layout looked really nice and we got compliments on our display as well.  Nice, neat, non-cluttered, and only the lamps were on display with business cards, and information on the lamps.  We've decided to do shows with only displaying our lamps in the future. Bernie has always said this and he is right! 

We enjoyed this show very much and there were a lot of really talented crafters' and it was great that the people beside us were a husband and wife team as well and Bernie and I had someone to pass the slow time talking with.  We were asked by the organizer to come back in Dec 2019 and we agreed.

Some other things that happened since I last blogged in Sept, geez!  am I behind.  I went to the Octoberfest at Active Aging in Meadville which is a craft show and I purchased $5 worth of Chinese Auction Tickets at one of the booths and I ended up winning a huge basket of Christmas Fat Quarter Fabrics.  So, I'd like to make a king-size quilt for our bed for next Christmas!  I haven't done much quilting lately.  Nothing since the new year; however, Bryan and Jess have asked me for a table runner for their night stand, so I'm working on that as I write this. 
I'll post a photo of it when finished.  Since I'm not sure what I did with the picture I took of this win, I guess you'll have to wait until I finish the quilt!

In November, I took a cookie decorating class at the senior center.  It was taught by a gal I met when I first moved here, she owned the local country/primitive store in Linesville at the time and I used to go there in the evenings when I was living in the motel just to have a place to go and we became friends.  She has since sold the business and re-married and moved to Ohio, so it was nice to see her again.  Anyway, I learned that decorating sugar cookies is a fine art!  I only made one type of cookie for Christmas this year and these were them.  Sugar Cookies

    I only made a few designs and the trucks took me forever because you do one section or color and then have to wait for it to dry before you can do the next section.  I liked the snowflakes the best, they were the prettiest and now that I've done over 100 of them, I know that simplicity is better.  I think I'll try to make some for Valentine's Day and I'll share those with you in a later post.

Bryan and Jess came up for Thanksgiving Dinner as well as for Christmas.  We enjoy our time with them during the holiday season.  This year, Bernie and I put up his "N" scale train set.  It is the first time we put up a train in years.  He built the layout, and he wired it all for the lamps and houses that lit up.  I then took care of building the roads and putting the houses down and securing everything.  It took me about a week to do it all.  Now we will think how we can add to it next year.  It was a fun project for us.

Here you can see the layout by our fireplace and we searched all over to find the old brick look paper that is so vintage and found it at a little hardware store in Greenville PA.  The right picture you can see the building lit up and one of the little lamp posts lit in the back. 

We had a new tree this year, a frosted pine.  We loved how it turned out.

And to finish up this blog post, I'll leave you with this photo taken yesterday after Winter Storm Harper came through on Sat and Sunday.  We got 15" from this storm and another 2" of lake effect snow off of Lake Erie last night.  So we are at 17" out there and it is very cold in the lower teens and windchills makie it feel like below zero.  It is beautiful though.  Bernie had to get out his tractor with snowblower to take care of this amount of snow.

So, with that, I'll close out 2018 and have begun 2019 with a blog post finally!  I have vowed to post at least twice a month this year. You may hear from me on a weekly basis if something interesting to tell you comes up.  With that said, I hope that everyone has a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!!



  1. You've been busy. The cookies look great. I didn't make one single cookie for Christmas.

  2. Makes you wonder how you had time to work.

    1. Makes me wonder too! Don't know who you are, but you hit the nail on the head!

  3. Can you please send some snow my way?! I love the cookies... I am like Ann, no cookies made for Christmas... sigh.. maybe this year?! xx

    1. Hi Joy, I wish I could send you the snow! I've had enough of it for this winter. Waiting for springtime!!