Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's almost completed. Yes!!!

I worked last evening for an hour on the "king" quilt. I have finally finished all the stitches in the ditches. Ha Ha!! Anyway, I spent tonight cutting off the thread pieces on both the front and the back, I bet I missed a few of those transparent threads on the front, but I'm sure I'll continue to find them long after it's on the bed. Anyway, next is to cut off the extra warm n natural batting along the edges and then get it bound. So, I feel that I'm finally making some headway. The quilt is far from perfect, but hey, it's my first big project, it's for ourselves, so be it. To me it looks pretty already. Can't wait to work on the binding. As of tonight, I have 50 hours into this quilt. Have a wonderful evening. Common on, I know some more of you have taken a look at this blog, become a follower, it's easy. Besides when I get enough followers, I might just do something special, you never know.

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