Friday, September 3, 2010

OMG - I haven't written in how long??????

I know I only have two followers and now I probably don't have any since I haven't blogged since August 10th and here it is Sept 3. Well, I've been busy, no not quilting as I should be, but I've been on vacation, and yes, I have been working just not on the quilt, I've been working on the house. I did some major cleaning this past week, rooms from top to bottom and I mean inside out, top to bottom. Closets cleaned out, woodwork cleaned, you name it, I did it. I thought that in one week I would get the entire house done, I was wrong. I did manage to get 5 rooms done, so that wasn't so bad. My computer room got the best going over, I finally painted a room. When the house was built, they used all one color throughout the house. I'm tired of looking at eggshell or bone, or whatever they call off-white today. So, I decided to paint Home Depot Harvest Tan on the walls, left the ceiling the bone color that it was. I then bought this new crown moulding from Texas made out of styrofoam, you honestly can't tell that it isn't wood and it was much easier to install. I made new fish swag curtains and hung up a new sign, changed the room furniture around, ordered from JCPenney two of the ladder shelves that were on closeout sale. Yippee!!! Of course, they won't be here until November. Hubby even likes the transformation in this room. When it is completely finished, I will have pictures to post. I don't want to do it until it is completely finished and since I'm waiting on the shelving units, it will be a while. SO you see, I wasn't slacking off, just on the quilting, I hope to get some done before the holiday weekend is over. I must say, I watch way too much HGTV!! I love decorating!!! Till next time!! Enjoy the rest of the warm weather wherever you are!!

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