Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday!!

I'm so happy it's Friday and the Halloween weekend is here. I hope to continue working on my table runners this weekend or at least one day of the weekend. I have 7 cut out and ready to quilt. I think I'll hold off and bind them all when I've finished with everything else. I bought one of those Simplicity Binding machines and it is wonderful. You just feed your strips of binding fabric through the machine and it creases it perfectly. Just put it on the sides of your project and stitch it up. Fast and it looks beautiful, no more fighting with the material to get a nice straight binding. I told you all that I was eBaying some things that were just sitting around in the basement collecting dust. We'll I ended up with making over $140!! I'm so excited, now I can purchase more fabric for my stash, some thread, etc. I've got to eBay some more!! Well, it's off to work time, so have a good day today and I'll try to post again on Sunday!!

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