Friday, December 3, 2010



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The weekend is upon us, it's been a long, long week. Much to do this weekend. This is the night I put up our Christmas tree. Yes, it's a fake one, but I like to leave it up until the end of January and a real one just wouldn't make it. I kind of had a weird Christmas tradition, going back many years. When NASCAR has it's banquet on television, that is when I put up the tree. I watch the banquet speakers, they are mostly the top 10 racers in the series, and decorate it. So tonight is the night for that. Maybe once I get all this decorating done, I can get back to crafting again. I still have much to do.

I leave you with a couple pictures from yesterday morning, the blotches are actually snowflakes in the camera flash. Kinda neat!! I'm just glad I don't live near Buffalo NY where they got 27". I'll take the inch or so we got although they are saying about 2-4" are possible today. Guess this is why I drive a 4-WD truck!!! Happy Friday, Happy Weekend! ENJOY!!

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