Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last Weekend was a busy one!

Last weekend our son, Bryan and his wife, Jess, were up for a visit. While they were here I talked them into going to a house in the nearby town, Meadville. This house is called the Baldwin-Reynolds House/Museum, built in 1843. This was a retirement house purchased by Henry Baldwin who was a United States Supreme Court Justice. Unfortunately, he passed away a year later. His wife leased the house to a Female Seminary for three years after that, then after the end of the lease the property was purchased by William Reynolds. In 1846 the Reynolds family moved in. Reynolds was a lawyer, businessman, first Mayor of Meadville. Just a bit of it's history.

Anyway, it was opening night of their semi-annual Christmas display, and the place was jammed packed full of people. Let's say, it wasn't that fun. It was titled, "A Pennsylvania Christmas." There were many trees decorated beautifully, hemlocks, spruces, some were decorated using Coal Mining ornaments, some toys all manufactured in PA, now that's a rarity in itself that they didn't all say China! Anyway, since it was a museum, you weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but Bryan did get a few shots of the outside looking in, so I'd like to share these with you today. Have a wonderful Thursday, and hang in there, the weekend is getting close!!!

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