Friday, December 9, 2011

Finally Friday and a Day Off!!!

Ahhh, Finally Friday. So today I took the day off work to finish my Christmas shopping. Still have a few presents to find, but with working at the Post Office, I won't get another day off until after Christmas.

There is just one little issue, to throw a monkey wrench into my planned day, and I mean well-planned day --it is snowing! Not a lot yet, but we are to get 1-3 and another 2-5 after 3:00 pm and we are in this advisory until 4:00 am tomorrow morning. So, I'm up early, have a few presents to wrap this morning, so hubby doesn't see them. I've been in the garage already and gotten the tree stand, some other decorations and it's only 6:44 am. Yep, we're getting a real tree this year. We haven't had one in a long while, and we both love the scent of fresh pine. So tonight we will bundle up, get in the 4x4 truck, and go get our Fraser Fir tree. A little hot chocolate, and the evening will be perfect!!

I still love the snow, and I really don't mind driving in it as long as I have my 4X4. I liked to sled ride as a kid, but my favorite was ice skating. After school, we'd all go down to the pond and ice skate all evening. Had a big bonfire at the pond, parents would bring us hot dogs and hot chocolate, and we'd skate long into the dark especially on Friday nights. I lived in my skates, been skating since I was 4 years old. My Dad's brother, Gus, taught me how to skate on the creek that ran behind his house. Gus is now 96 years old, I visited him this summer and he is still going strong, planting flowers in his yard. We talked about the old days, skating on the creek. He's a great guy!! A few years back, I actually stopped after work, went into a rink, rented some skates, and skated for a couple hours. Was a little shaky at first, but before I left I was going backwards and doing cross overs. Won't try jumping anymore, probably would have bad circumstances at my age! :)

Dixie was at the groomer on Wed night, she got her Christmas hair cut, not too short, because winter is here and she gets so cold out there in the snow. We were just out checking the weather, and she ran right back for the door. Guess the snow doesn't fit well with her. Here's another picture, her groomer put a red bow on her collar, but as usual she looked away so all I got was the bow!!!

Update on Sue, she's doing well, her hubby tells me, she's mostly just tired, no sickness, thank goodness! I am still getting packages of fabric, thank you all so much. I'm getting the basket today to put it all in. When I have it finished, I'll take a picture to post here. She will be so surprised! I love doing things for people, and I think I'm just as excited as I hope she will be when she receives this bundle of hope! Keep the prayers coming for her too!!

Well, got to get going on my planned day. It's 7:00 am, and my schedule begins --- wish me luck!! I'm gonna need it!!

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