Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Friday - December Already?

I just can't fathom that it is already December, and we really haven't had any snow yet. Hope I am not jinxing us up here in NW Pennsylvania. I can't get in the Christmas spirit without snow though. I'm already getting Christmas cards, and I have no decorations out yet. I did, just this morning, get out the nativity set, and a half of a tree. You see, I put a tree in every room, yes, even the bathrooms. I need to get busy this weekend and get things decorated around here. I don't write Christmas cards until the tree is in the living room and the fireplace is on, then I'm in the spirit. Afghan on my lap and cards on the sofa, begin writing!!! I hope this weekend is a good one for you too!!

Update on Sue. She had her first chemo treatment and it was 6 hours long. They had activities for them to do while they waited. They had dogs brought in to cheer the people, and they were making ornaments for Christmas. She was given a wig, because we all know what happens when you get Chemo. Her husband has been filling me in daily on her progress and so far, so good. She is doing well. I've received about nine packages and you all are so generous. I'm waiting to see what size basket I'll need. I still plan on giving it to her on Dec 15th, this will be before her next treatment and she should feel pretty good before she goes again. As soon as I have it all together, I'll post a picture. Thanks again to all who are participating and I'll accept fabric up until the 15th. Thanks also for your prayers. God Bless You All!

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