Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally Friday S-D-S Three Things On My Mind Today

Firstly, I joined The Secret Santa Soiree over at Colorado Lady's blog a while back and I got my present the other day. I want to thank my Secret Santa so very much. She is sent me everything I love. I received a Jim Shore Snowman Ornament, I collect Jim Shore, so this was perfect. Also, a Subway gift card, yum!!! Some beautiful Christmas fabric, just adorable. Yankee Candles Christmas Wreath, I am burning these slowly so they last, what a fragrance, love it! York Peppermint Candy, the chocolate you can eat without feeling too, too guilty! All wrapped up in a beautiful little Santa bag. Thanks again, I'm trying to figure out who my Secret Santa is before they review the name, but so far my only clue is she is from New Market AL. I read the Postmark, that is what Postmasters do. Merry Christmas to you!!

Second on my list, is Today is Dixie's 13th birthday! She doesn't look a year over one! She's our baby so lots of tummy rubs, Yorkie Kissies, and lots of treats for her today. This picture makes her look like a devil dog, hmmm, every now and then she is! :)

and last but not least, the Fabric for Sue Campaign is now over. Those that I was waiting for have arrived. I want to thank everyone for your generosity, the gifts of fabric and other goodies for Sue are phenomenal, beautiful, gorgeous, etc. I actually had a hard time finding a basket that wasn't Christmas. I just got it last evening, so I haven't gotten it packed up yet, but will do so today and I will take a picture to post here so you can see it later on this weekend. She is going to be so surprised!! She is doing well and will have her next chemo on Monday, thus why I wanted to get it to her today. Once again, thank you all, I can never thank you enough. Quilters are the best!!! Blessings to all of you and please keep her in your prayers! Love ya!!

With that, I wish you a Happy Friday, Wonderful Weekend, and again and I can't say it enough. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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