Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Visit with Sue on Friday

Just wanted to update everyone who participated in the Fabric for Sue Campaign. I assembled the basket on Friday and took it to Sue on my lunch hour. I pulled up the driveway and she must have seen me get out of the truck because she opened the door right as I got to it. She was cooking her lunch on the stove. When I walked in, she said what is that, I said it was for her. She gave me a funny look like what is in that garbage bag, yes, I had it in a clear garbage bag, it was snowing a little or drizzling a bit and I didn't want it to get wet.

When I uncovered it, I explained about our little group of women who blog about quilting and such, and that we all decided to work on a little project to help her get through this tough time and to get her back to quilting again.

I asked her how she had been doing, and she said she is in no pain whatsoever, she's beginning to lose her hair a bit and she was depressed! I told her that if that was all that happens that she loses her hair, who cares, it will grow back when she's finished with her treatments. I told her she needed to get busy sewing to take her mind off of it. There are too many of us out there praying for her recovery as well as for her to get back into doing something she loves.

One package contained a little log cabin potholder, like an ornament, so cute, I told her I needed to know how to make these as I would like to do a tree of them. She said she had a book on just Christmas ornaments and she would find it for me so we could look at the ornaments. I said great, once she found it, we could take a look and she could help me make some of those for next years tree.

By this time, she and I had shed a few tears and a big hug, and we realized we smelt something burning, yep, you guessed it, it was her lunch, she said not to worry, she'd start over. She just kept looking at the basket, crying a little, I told her there were notes, lots of fabric, homemade gifts, etc. I told her there was no reason to be depressed; we were all pulling for her, and she had her afternoon to relax, look in the basket, figure out what she was going to make and look through the quilting magazines.

By that time, I had to get back to work, but I felt so good and I want to thank all 17 of us that participated in this campaign. Please keep praying for Sue. BTW, she couldn't believe all the people from different states that participated and she couldn't believe two of the gift packages came all the way from the UK. She was so appreciative.

So here is what I gave to her. I took a few pictures. God Bless you all and have a good week.

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