Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Friday Missed, but at least I kinda remember!!

Hi everyone, today is definitely not Friday, hubby is home, so it must be Saturday. Friday is a blur pretty much. I was off work, I know that, had two doctor appts scheduled in the AM, needed to make sure I didn't eat or drink anything until after the appt. Thank goodness Bernie leaves me notes, "Don't EAT OR DRINK." I contributed to the local blood bank I think, at least my arm feels like it today. Just my normal checkup and I'm doing great!! Second appt helped me very much. I was always skeptical of going to Chiropractors, but since I've been going a few times a year, or when I hurt, I actually think they do a lot of good. My hip had been bothering me for more than two weeks, lower back feeling tired and achy as well. One trip to the ole chiro and today feeling great, best nights sleep I had in two weeks last night. Didn't get up until almost 9AM today. So today is Saturday, have my usual Saturday chores. There is a quilt show going on at one of the high schools here, but just can't bring myself to go. It's a dark, dreary day, no rain yet, but it has to be coming by the looks of it. I stopped again one day last week on my way to work to take a few pictures over the lake. It was a cloudy morn with the sun just peeking through the clouds. I carry my camera with me every day just so if I see anything I can take a quick pic. Here is what I saw that made me stop.
And another shot:
These two were my favorites. So I get to work and everyone is talking about this bat on our dock wall. She stayed there all day, I'm calling her a she because I called her Beatrice the Bat! Although I don't really like these things when they are flying around at night, but she looked kind of peaceful at rest. She only stayed one day! I figured she must have been busy the night before and just had to rest and stopped over our place for a day's sleep. So here is Beatrice:
I really needed to go to that quilt show, I need inspiration to do some quilting. I've been lazy to say the least! Maybe if I just do one little thing, it would work. OK, I'm off to the sewing area to do something. I'll make a point to show you what I did next FRIDAY!!!! Take care and have a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever you do!!!

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