Friday, May 4, 2012

OK, Alright!! It is still Friday, and I'm not late....yet!!

I planned on posting this morning, but I was a little late getting up and had to hurry off to work, so I figured after work is still Friday, so I won't be late. My last post, I told you I was going to begin some quilting. Well, I did. I want to make a queen-size quilt for our spare bedroom and I plan on using the Civil War Reproduction Fabric Jelly-Rolls I purchased. Here is the book I found my pattern in:
And this is what it actually will look like and it's called Martin's Pennies, but I'm renaming it Meyer's Pennies. Tee Hee!!!!!
The first thing I did was start with all of these strips:
After cutting for a while, I am down to these strips.
Here they are almost all cut up.
So after I get this far, I'm figuring, I'm gonna need a lot more fabric than this. I had only planned on making a small quilt out of this fabric, but now that my plans have changed, I had to purchase a lot more in this same Barbara Brackman Civil War Homefront fabric. So it has arrived just yesterday....
So now my next step is to wash all this fabric, iron it all, and begin cutting again. I thought I would have been able to show you some sewed strips, but I haven't had the time just yet. I think I'll get everything cut and ready before I begin sewing. So that is it for this week. I could use some encouragement for sure. I can't wait to get it started to see how it will look. If I may ask you one thing, will you all say a prayer for my little Yorkie, Dixie.
She has collapsing trachea and in the warmer weather and when she gets overly excited she begins honking like a duck. Well, today we figure we had storms in the area and she is deathly afraid of those, and of course we weren't home yet, and when we got home she was honking terribly. She has settled down a bit since I gave her the meds the vet gave me last time, but she is still making some noises with her throat. Please pray that she is OK. I don't want to lose her just yet! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Oh I finally found your CW quilt I love it! You really have picked the best fabrics for it. I thought you were just doing strips around the border - but you did say the whole thing was strips - that's a lot of cutting! Poor little Dixie she did have a rough time of it. Such a sweet little thing.