Friday, May 11, 2012

My Little Dixie Girl is an Angel Now - Sad Last Weekend

It is with a very heavy heart and eyes full of tears that I tell you that my little girl, Dixie, had to be put to sleep last Saturday morning. She was the love of our lives and my hubby, Bernie, and I are missing her so much. She is in the title of my blog, her picture is on my blog many times, she is on my computer screensaver here and at work, on my cellphone as a wallpaper, on my camera, she is everywhere and I guess that is how I want to remember her, she is everywhere and looking down from the Rainbow Bridge above. She will forever be in our hearts. We will meet again someday, My Dixie.
I adapted this poem below to incorporate Dixie. A Little Dog Angel, Dixie High up in the courts of heaven today a little dog angel, Dixie, waits; with the other angels she will not play, but she sits alone at the gates. "For I know my master will come" says she, "and when she comes she will call for me." The other angels pass her by As they hurry toward the throne, And she watches them with a wistful eye as she sits at the gates alone. "But I know if I just wait patiently that someday my master will call for me." And her master, down on earth below, as she sits in her easy chair, forgets sometimes, and whispers low to the Dixie who is not there. And the little dog angel Dixie cocks her ears and dreams that her master's voice she hears. And when at last her master waits outside in the dark and cold, for the hand of death to open the door, that leads to those courts of gold, she will hear a sound through the gathering dark, a little dog angel Dixie's bark. Noah M. Holland (with a little editing by me)

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  1. Debbie, I was so sad to read this. I know you must miss her terribly. My sweetest companion, Gwenevere, made that journey in 2009 and there are still times when I miss her terribly. Hugs to you. :)