Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday Morning!!

Good Morning everyone in the States, and Good Afternoon to those of you reading from across the pond. It is a bright, sunny morning here, but we are only at 31 degrees F this morning, a bit cool. Going all the way up to 60ish today, so that will be nice to come home to after a long day at work!!

So, I told you last post what I have been up to, so here it is.............

I've been working on this puzzle that Bryan and Jess gave me at Christmas. It's been on our diningroom table for a few months, and you know how puzzle making goes, you put a few pieces in place, then you can't see anything else so you step away, go back an hour or so later, place another few pieces, and it goes on and on. Well here it is finally done..............

Well, I meant I was done putting all the pieces together, now I have to get it glued and framed. I love Yorkies, so I can't bring myself to tear it apart, so this weekend I'm going to glue it together and get it ready to either find a frame, make a frame, or purchase a frame to put together on my own. I may just get some Amish people who make frames build me one out of oak. I want to hang it up in this computer room which doubles as Dixie's room during the day. Her little house is in here and since she approved of the puzzle being in here, that is where it is going.

Another thing I worked on last week, weekend, and this week, were getting some glass-etched mugs I had done for a craft show last year that didn't sell put into my Etsy Shop. They look like this:

I have a few mug rugs listed in my shop as well as some different designed coffee mugs. I don't have any beer mugs listed yet, or champagne flutes. I used to personalize the mugs, but haven't used the program in years, so I have to brush up on that before I offer personalization. You can visit my shop at:

Well, you have a wonderful weekend, and I'll talk with you again next Friday if not before.

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