Friday, June 29, 2012

Awwww, it's Friday :) :) :)

It is Friday, after some storms last night and some much needed rain, daylight is almost here. Yep, first day of my vacation and I'm ready to get out there and walk a bit this morning. It is a little warmer this morning at 77 degrees right now, but it just feels so good to wake up and walk. Visiting nature along the way. Yesterday, I saw a squirrel running around, he didn't even seem to be afraid of me. Two nights ago, we were grilling out and here comes a doe almost into our backyard. I had a mineral lick out there during the winter months and she comes back often to lick the tree where it sat. There is still some of it on the ground and she just licks the ground too. I know it is the same one who comes back all the time as she has a bum back leg, either due to a car hitting her or perhaps jumping a fence. It doesn't really seem to bother her though, she's been coming here now for almost a year. I just hope that those nasty hunters don't get her in the fall. She's a real beauty. I couldn't believe she stood there and watched us the entire time. Me running in and out of the house for things didn't bother her a bit. Here she is enjoying the mineral lick. And here she is looking to see what we are grilling!! So during these next two weeks of vacation, yep, I'm off until July 17th now, I plan on enjoying nature, taking some pictures, visiting some places, walking a lot, riding my bike, quilting a bit, and just enjoying life!!! Take time for yourselves this weekend and enjoy!! and Happy 4th of July!!!!


  1. How precious, thank you for sharing and Happy Vacation & 4th of July.


  2. Happy Friday! Enjoy your vacation and go out and have a fun adventure.

  3. I would love to have a back yard that wildlife felt comfortable visiting.
    I heard that you had the next 2 weeks off. Lucky girl :)