Monday, June 25, 2012

I Missed a Few Fridays this Month

June has been rapidly going by, I can't believe it is the 25th already. Where did May go in a flash, and now we've already passed the summer solstice. Gosh!!! I haven't posted due to a busy Friday a week ago, and now this past Friday, I really didn't accomplish much of anything. I've been trying to walk more, and also clean my home more, yesterday I did accomplish cleaning the computer room from head to toe. What gratification I get when I'm done and step back and look. Of course, that cleaning didn't include the cupboard which I need to go through. It houses binders, and odds and ends, I think my old clarinet is in there. Will I ever play it again, probably not, haven't touched it in years. Old purses, probably should pitch those. Maybe that is a good thing to do tonight after work. I've been watering my plants on the deck and porch everyday, we needed rain and got a little last night, but I'm sure it's not enough for the farmers here. I did happen to snap a picture of my "Easter Lilies." Yes, I said Easter!!! Bry and Jess got me these two Easter lilies a few Easters ago and I planted them outside. Well, they just decided to bloom for this year right now in June. A little late, but beautiful just the same. No progress on my quilting though. I'll be on vacation again soon, so hopefully then I'll have some time to work. Wishing you all a wonderful week.


  1. What beautiful pictures to welcome a stormy, dark morning. Oh, the rain. Sure wish we could share with parts of the country that need it so desperately.

    We have missed you.


  2. Cleaning is something that I haven't done much of at all lately. My house could use a really good hoeing
    The lilies are pretty.