Friday, August 24, 2012

Awwwwww Friday!! TIME is on my side!!!

Hello everyone!

I've often spoke here on my blog about not having enough time in my busy life to do what I want or need to do. I think I am finally acquiring a solution. Although it is coming in parts every week or so from a dear friend, Madame Samm. She has the blog Sew We Quilt.   If you have never checked out her blog, please do so. She has some awesome tutorials on making all things quilted. Right now she has a blog hop going on, and several of these blog hops have been going on all summer, and there is more to come. Right now it is Bowls with Borders.  But, back to the time subject.

This is my Wal-Mart Special - Under $3

This is on her blog as well, Parts I, and II. The first part was to get a timer and write down three things you want to get accomplished the next day. Time it. The second week was to cut those times in half by preparing yourself first. Her example was to clean the bathroom, have all your supplies ready before you begin, then clean for say 23 minutes. Your bathroom would be spotless in 23 minutes. Oh, but, there is a catch, no soda pop, and no noise. In other words, no music, no TV on, no nothing. Just silence and of course the rubbing of the cloth on the bathroom sink, and the spraying of the medicine cabinet mirror is just fine. :) This is hard on me, not the pop thing, because I couldn't care less about that, but the no music part. I do my best cleaning with music on or my IPOD on. So I'll give this up for now to see how this works.

Well, I wrote down three things I wanted to accomplish for last night. Wrap 6 presents, work on some paperwork, and read my magazine. Guess what, I got all of it done. The presents took me 19 minutes, 23 minutes on the paperwork, and 23 minutes of reading the magazine that I so wanted to read. Why 23 minutes? We'll I guess you'll have to go to Sew We Quilt and check out the timer posts. Here is a link to Part I of the timer post: Here is a link to Part II of the timer post: Part III, will be next Thursday. I can't wait!

Oh my goodness, with my extra time this morning, I was able to figure out how to put spaces between my paragraphs as well as move pictures around and put captions here in blogland.  I learned something new today already!!  Now things just won't fall where they may in my blog posts.

I'm so excited, it's going to be a great weekend, make yours the same!!


  1. Good Morning,

    Well, in my opinion you are a very organized woman. And I am happy that you have figured out the "how to" in Blogland - it can be very frustrating. Your Blog looks wonderful.

    Happy weekend, don't forget to set your timer for some "Debbie" time and just goof around and be silly. (o:


    1. Thank you for the nice comments. I try to be organized, and I think I am for the most part, but now and then I'm not. Got a lot accomplished this weekend.

  2. hmm, maybe I should put a timer on my shopping list. Sounds like a good idea. I wonder if it works well for procrastinators like

    1. So far, so good, Ann. I'll have to tune in on Thursday to get those energy snack ideas from her website.