Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Been a Few Fridays, hasn't it???

Happy Friday everyone, Missed a few Friday posts. I did finish the tablerunner in my last post. It's now on my coffee table, looks real cute there too! Did a two-day craft show last weekend with my friend, Ann. We did very well, but with me doing glass-etched mugs, and string angels, and Ann does paper quilling, we decided on going in another direction. We watched as customers came and went with bags in hand from the primitive/rustic booth not far from us. She had some unique, nice items, but her selection was limited, but it seemed to us that this is the direction we need to go in. We need to focus on one type of decor. There were victorian booths, paintings booth, handmade purse booth. We signed up for this show already next year, so it gives us a long winter and spring to get things ready for us to hit the craft show fairs and festivals next year. So, I scoured the thrift store for some items, and Ann did as well. You can check her blog at She does all kinds of neat crafts and always has something interesting on her blog each day. So here are my finds: Two wooden cutting boards, these look like nothing has ever been cut on them. Too bad, though because I'm going to have to distress them and make them look old, I'm thinking perhaps paint something on them. This basket I almost passed up because it was ugly. I started thinking let's sand it down, make the wood old, it has two beautiful black wrought-iron handles. I could become a flower arrangement or candle holder. Speaking of candles, here are two pine cone shaped ones, I can see these chunky dunked in cinnamon. Definitely primitive material. This next item was just so darn cute. Where do you find yardsticks anymore? They used to give them away everywhere when I was a kid. I could sure use a bunch of them right now. Ah!!! Wooden candlesticks. These are a must have for a primitive/rustic booth. I think these wold look great in black, or distressed wood, or how about crackled white. A puffy star, rusted to boot. One of my best finds and it was only $3. This is a good find, now I can paint on it, put it into a wreath, so many possibilities. I only made one mistake and I wasn't thinking. There was another one there, and it was painted and was chipping. Duh!!! I could have stripped it, and repainted it to look rustic. Oh well, live and learn. And last but not least, these, not sure what they are or what I will do with them. They are rusted heart that you stick into the ground. This one I need help with, anyone know what I could make from these that would be primitive or rustic in nature? Help!!!! Well that's it for this blog post. Hope you enjoyed my little thrift shop trip. You never know what you will find!!! Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Debbie,

    It looks like you are going to be very busy next year.

    "Prim" is fun, I have learned to rust nails, safety pins, coffee stain fabric...

    Have a great weekend.


    1. You'll have to tell me how to rust those things. Yes, I will be busy, but it is fun. I hope to do some quilting for the shows as well.

  2. Oh you found some good stuff. I'm going to have to go back to the thrift shop I was in the other day. I was in a hurry because I was on lunch but I think I spotted some wood rulers in the corner. They also had something hanging on the wall. Not sure what they were but they looked kind of interesting.

  3. Oh Debbie, what fun finds!! I like the candle pinecones and the wood cutting boards, especially! Oh, and the heart, too! What fun you'll have putting these to new uses!!! :)