Friday, August 9, 2013

Yeah!!! It's Friday......................

But for me it's not the end of the week yet, have one more day to go.

Hello Everyone, haven't posted since May and figured I check in with you all.  I have been reading some of your blogs to get my quilting fix.  I'm still working long hours and most weeks six days, so not much time to do much of anything.

I did manage to get to a craft show festival last week only a few miles from our home in the town where I am Postmaster.

My friend, Ann and I, did a primitive/rustic booth this year and it was quite the hit. We were to get our picture taken together, but it didn't happen.  I want to thank Ann for these nice pictures even though she captured me in them.  Ugh!!!  The first picture are of the lamps I was selling.  My husband makes these, he is one talented man!! I also sold glass-etched mugs, which are in the basket with the doily on it and I had some string angels, fabric garlands and wreaths, the wreaths sold out.  I also painted some wooden candlesticks black and put rusty bells, homespun, and some berries and I sold out of them too!  All in all, we did quite well at this show.

Ann made most of the crafts as I don't have much time to do these things, she had some beautiful garlands, fabric pumpkins, fabric cinnamon rolls which she sold out of, some wooden items, grubby candles, etc.  And the stars, she made large ones out of yardsticks and small ones from rulers.  Is she crafty or what??????  You can check out her craftiness at her blog called Ann's Snap Edit Scrap.  I'm sure she'd love for you to stop by. 

For those that follow my love of Yorkshire Terriers, Macy Kate will be a year old on August 17th.  She is still a puppy though and she loves to play and have fun.  She's playing here as I type this.  Here area couple of recent pictures of her....

Well, the clock is telling me it's time to get this day started at work.  So off to work I go..........

You all have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully I'll stop by a lot sooner next time.  Take care everyone!!!


  1. Hi,

    Looks like you had a very successful craft day, your booth looks lovely.

    Macy still looks like a baby - that cute little face, so adorable.

    Happy weekend.

    1. Thanks, Joyce. We had fun doing the booth setup, we pre-staged it at my house the day before so we would be ready to go on Saturday and it paid off.

      Macy is still a baby. She's so darn cute, we just love her to death.

      Happy Weekend to you too, can't wait to be done with work tomorrow. At least I get home early on Saturday afternoon.

      Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  2. As I was driving home Sunday night I realized we never did get Bernie to take the picture of us.

    1. I think that you began to tear down your display before Bernie got there. Oh well, maybe next time.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ann.

  3. It's nice to hear from you, I was a very absent blogger throughout our Summer (Australia).
    Well done with your stall! Your husband is a clever fellow! Take care and hope you are enjoyuing the warmer weather.

    1. Thanks, Rowena. I understand you being absent during the Summer. It's just so nice to be outside enjoying the warmth. Winter is long, cold, and snowy here, so I try to enjoy the outside weather when I can. Nice to hear back from you too!