Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spring? Spring? Snow!!!!!

Hello everyone,

Guess I should start off by explaining my Post Title.  We have had quite a few days of over 50 degrees lately and geez!  it was over 60 and we reached 67 and the birds were chirping in the morning one day.  I thought that Spring was in the air in January.  Well, that was short lived.  Today it is 36 degrees and it is snowing like crazy.  Forecast for the next four days is snow and we could total out above a foot!  Welcome back, WINTER!!!

This week not a whole lot happening here in my neck of the woods, but Monday I decided to take another drawing course at the senior center.  Today we were doing another pastels drawing.  If you recall the last one I did was with leaves in the fall.  This one interested me more because it was a landscape/structure design.  I didn't know how well I'd do on this one, but decided to give it a try and this is what I ended up with and I'm very happy with it.

Depending on where I positioned my covered bridge determined how much more I could put on the drawing.  We had a picture to follow on this and I added the road with tire skidding tire tracks, the squirrel eating nuts and the snow piled beside the road.  All so true of Northwest Pennsylvania.

Wednesday took me back to the center for quilting day.  Today I continued working on the Batik piece.

I've decided that with having 18 blocks, if I did rows of 3 with a length of 6 blocks, that it would fit perfectly on a picnic table.  Last year the picnic table stayed in the basement all spring and summer, but this year, it's making its way to the deck so I can put this on top and we can eat out more often.

I got the blocks all sashed together with black fabric and have it outlined in the same.  Now to decide if I should put a little more of a Batik border on it before I bind it.  I'll decide that today.

These colors are not my cup of tea, but they are definitely growing on me!!  I think that the black really brought out the vibrant colors of the greens and oranges.

Oh, the new machine is running like a gem.  Knock on wood!!  Bernie said not to jinx myself as he commented on the smooth sound of the machine.

I wanted to show you all a picture of the family from Christmas.  We put the old camera up on the tripod and we all got in the photo.  Bryan, our son, Jessica, our daughter-in-law, myself and Bernie. Bernie is hold Macy Kate.  She actually posed on this one.

I said we need to do this exact same picture every year.

With that I'd like to mention two celebrations for this week.  My sister's husband, my favorite brother-in-law, Dave Chapman, celebrated a birthday yesterday on the 25th, and my sister, Peggy and Dave will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary this coming week on Tuesday, January 31st.
Love you both and congratulations!!!!

That's it for this week.  Have a wonderful week ahead and see ya next Thursday!!



  1. Your drawing is awesome. You're quite the artist. I like that table topper. The black looks great on it

    1. Thanks, Ann. I was just down sewing some more I put a three inch border if the orange around it today and just got the batting and the same orange as the backing. Tomorrow I'll begin quilting it all and then a black binding will finish it up.

      The drawing was actually fun. I like this one and hope to find a cheap frame for it.

  2. Your drawing is wonderful! I also love your quilt. Black definitely was the best choice for the sashing. Your picnic table is going to look lovely this summer.

    1. Thank you, Theresa. I'm enjoying the drawing classes and I can't wait for warmer weather when the picnic topper can be put on. I'm actually finishing up the quilting and putting on the binding today. Will hopefully have it all completed by tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I wish it was snowing here.... your drawing is fantastic - you are very talented! xx

    1. Thanks, Joy! I never really tried to draw before, but I'm enjoying it!! You'd love today, snowed all day Sun, Mon and snowing lightly today too. We have over a foot on the ground thus far, which reminds me I need to go shovel. Ugh!! Very pretty, but lots if work!!☃️❄️🌨