Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's Showtime!!

Hello Everyone,

The next post I'll be talking about hopefully how well we did at the "Christmas in the Woods' first weekend!  The weather is supposed to be spectacular, so the crowds should be coming out.

All the lamps are ready, my costume is ready, my helper is ready, the booth is semi-ready, I'll be there bright and early on Saturday AM to put the finishing touches on it and then at 10:00 am it is GO TIME!!!

I'm excited and nervous, seeing some familiar faces should help ease that nervousness!  I know I'll be seeing some of you one of the days we are there.

Wish us luck!!!

Besides getting ready for the show, I have some other things that are going on or went on this past week.

Yesterday was a Senior Center outing to the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad, where you ask?  Titusville PA, From the Valley that Changed the World!! It was to be a nice foliage tour, but it poured down rain!  To say it was fun is really stretching it!  Our lunches got wet, the ticketing was a fiasco from the get go as we were told to board at one place and our tickets were at another.  Instead of just sending the tickets to that station for boarding, they made all three buses, 72 people, move to the other station.  When we got to the end of the 13 mile line, with nothing to see but rain, green leaves, and oil creek, with no wildlife or anything happening in the rain, we stopped for a 20 minute break.  They had 4 porta-johns, 2 women, 2 men, for let's see, our 72 people, plus about 5 other cars with the same amount of people.  Ridiculous!!  Worst thing that happened was that when the engineer was moving the engine to the opposite end of the train, he bumped the car so hard that people fell, thankfully not from our group, nor was anyone hurt very badly, but we had more than an hour delay at the stop so they could fill out accident reports for like 18 people who fell in the open air car.  They did have two ambulances waiting at the station when we returned.  Not sure what happened then.

We didn't get to see the railroad museum, or walk around the grounds of Drake's Well.  Told Bernie I'd go again, not for the train ride, but to visit the museum.  I was more interested in the history than the scenery!

The most interesting thing for me on the train was we could walk around to the other cars and I visited the Railway Post Office (RPO) it is the only one of its kind still operating in the US!  It was built by Pullman Car Co in 1924 for the Chesapeake & OH Railroad.  The care is steel construction, wooden floor, 75 feet long and weighs 708 tons.  It is the only railroad car anywhere in America where mail is still hand cancelled.  Of course, they sell snacks and post cards that you can mail right there in the car.  It was a good thing there were interesting things to see inside the train, because outside was a bust!!!

Entrance at Perry Station

Mailbox inside the RPO car where you could mail post cards!

Forgot to mention the Wabash Cannonball car!!  It is the first-class car for anyone wanting a smoother ride and pay more $$$$.

Here is the Railway Post Office - My favorite car!!  

These were the seats, interestingly is that the seat back moves forward and back so they could change it for the direction that you were traveling.  One of the volunteers told us that the engine always faces north.  Not sure that this is a fact.  I remember living near the railroad tracks, that engines were facing every which way.  Hmmm!!  Will have to Google that one!!

 I'll show you  our porch decorations for fall and Halloween.  Although we don't get any Trick-or-Treaters, I still love to decorate.

Front Door - Love those Stick-ees!  Have had them for years!!

Front Porch

Front Porch lit up at dusk!

Front Porch at night.  Hard to see put I have purple lights all around the top of the porch roof and a spider web in purple lights to the right side behind the cornstock.  I have these set up that when Halloween is over, I remove the purple lights and the orange candy corn lights remain until Thanksgiving or whenever the Christmas Lights are put up.

Well, I did have a couple finishes this past week, some more crocheted snowflakes and a tablerunner that I made for Eileen.

Blurry picture, OUCH!!  I have 72 of these made. For what?  Who knows!!!

Tablerunner for Fall for Eileen!!

Take care everyone!  Until next post, which may be sooner then next Thursday if all goes well!! 



  1. Love your decorations! Glad you are ready for the show, hope it goes well! Looking forward to the update :) xx

    1. Thank you, Joy, for the best wishes!