Thursday, October 19, 2017

Week One Show Results

Hi Everyone!

I'm sure you are all wondering with bated breath what the results were of our first weekend at "Christmas in the Woods."  To keep you in suspense just a bit longer, I'd like to share some photos taken last weekend inside our cabin.  By the way, we had fantastic weather all day Saturday in the 70's and again on Sunday in the 70's.  It was to rain on Sunday afternoon around 2 PM and you could just see the thickening of the clouds, but it held off until 4:30!  The last half hour was more of straightening up your cabin as people scurried by running from the rain.  It wasn't a shower, it was a torrential downpour.  At 5:00 I closed up and got ready to dash to the truck to bring it a bit closer as the marine battery that I demo my lamp with is very heavy to lug too, too far.  So, I got wet, very wet!

So here are some photos!

This is the right side of the cabin when you come in the doors.  As you can see I had nothing but decorations on the shelving as the lamp didn't fit on there.  Funniest thing though, those three black candlesticks on the right side of shelf, we could have sold them about a 100 times.  Had to keep telling everyone they weren't for sale, just decorations.  We joked that we should have made a few hundred of those!

This is the center front of the cabin above.  Could have sold my quilted table topper a few times as well. 

This is the left side of the cabin, people wanted to buy my tree in the corner with the rag garland on it.  Geez!!! 

This is the back exit door on the right side, you can see the moose wall hanging??  Yep, you guessed it, they wanted to purchase that as well!!


Another shot of the front of the booth.  Outside the window is a Welcome Sign, I even had someone wanting that!!

On the table are the three color stains we have available as well as the two different kinds of stones and also various lamp shades.

This was the display demo lamp right in the middle on the checkered table.  You can see it is lit and sitting higher on the box that holds the battery.  This was our checkout area.

And out the back door again.

Here is my helper taking a much needed break!  Lookin good, Bryan!!  The wind was refreshing outside as it got pretty warm inside especially with wool pants on!! 

Here is my helper on duty!  A busy person he was all day Saturday and most of Sunday as well.

And here I am, Bernie took this picture before Bryan came on Saturday.   

And here we both are.  Eileen and her husband came to visit at our cabin and Art took this picture of us!
We already look tired and it was just Saturday!  No!  I didn't cut my hair, I have it pulled back in sort of a bun as the early settlers wore it.  I like this picture!!!

OK, so with all that being said, we did extremely well!  We exceeded out goal of selling ten lamps each day.  We already have about that already sold for this Saturday, so we are way ahead of the game.  I'm just hoping that we don't sell out on Saturday as I already have a room booked that night that I won't be able to cancel.  Either way, I'm staying!!  This was a very good show for us and the music at the nearby stage was wonderful and I hope that we are able to do it again next year!

It was so nice to see Eileen and Art and Ei looked fantastic!  You've got this thing licked, Ei!!  Love ya!!!

I'll take a few more pictures this weekend, if I'm not too busy, and maybe a video of Vanessa Campagna singing some wonderful Christmas Songs!!  She was selling CD's at the show in between her performances.  She was originally from Beaver Falls PA, but now lives in Nashville TN!!

Tonight is the Baked Potato Buffet at the Senior Center, a huge baked potato, chili, all the fixin's for the potato, dessert and drink for $5.00.  Gonna take Bernie out tonight!!  :) 

Take care everyone and wish us luck this weekend!  I'll have some other things to blog about next week besides the finale of the show.



  1. Not only did you have a successful weekend but a handsome helper as well :) Glad you had a good weekend

    1. Thanks, Ann. I'm sure Bryan would like your comment!

  2. Wow, fantastic! the cabin looks so cosy... I can imagine people wanted to buy everything!! xx

    1. Thanks, Joy. Yes, it is very cozy in there, some people said they could envision themselves living in there. I wouldn't go that far!!!