Sunday, November 12, 2017

Brrrr!!! It's Cold Outside!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just a tad bit late on this post, but here I am and here it is.

Just got a cold chill in the air the past few days.  We've had an early Artic blast that has taken us from a really warm fall to a freezing cold chill of February!  We had our first dusting of snow on Friday morning, and we know that there is much more of that coming soon enough!  We are going to warm up a bit this coming week.  My flowers are all done now, as the frost has taken the last bit of life out of them.  Even my porch mums are wilted and looking badly.  That is OK, because we look forward to spring again and the rebirth of life!

This past week was fairly busy.  We began last Sunday with breakfast out.  We went to The Hotspot Family Restaurant.  This is the restaurant that my former rural carrier owns and they have a really good, hot breakfast, reasonably priced.  They are fast too and did I mention the food is HOT!!  get it HOTSPOT!!  Anyway, we did go there again today for breakfast and they also sell OH lottery.  They have a televised game called KENO, which I usually play when we are there.  I spend $5 and that allows me to play five games.  I pick three numbers and if all three come up, they pull 20 numbers, then you win $27.00, and to me that is free breakfast.  I picked last week and won $2, not too good, huh?  Well, today I left Bernie pick the numbers.  He wanted to pick four, but I already had the card prepared for 3, so he went with three.  3-20-30, he wanted 29 too, our birthdays, but I said sorry, already had three filled in.  So, we watched and on the 4th game, after winning nothing on the first 3, he got all three numbers, but the kicker was that 29 came up too and that would have meant he had all four numbers getting us $72.00.  Ugh!!  Why was I so fast filling out the card?  Oh well, next time I'll listen to him and do the card over, right???  It was fun and the meal, great and free!  So a good day out.

We are working on lamps this week, we have one ready to go to the owner this week, and I have one in the works, and Bernie is working on putting together a few today.  I had another call yesterday from someone wanting one for Christmas.  I think that we are going to get busy for the holidays.  I just hope they don't wait until the last week or they may be out of luck.

A week ago Thursday, I had an interview at the Active Aging office down in Meadville for the Asst. Director position at our center.  I figure since I'm there often, and help out quite a bit, that I may as well get paid to do it.  Well, I was just told this past Wednesday ,when I was at quilting, that I got the job!!  So, I had to go for a physical and drug testing on Thursday, and passed that, so I'm just waiting for them to tell me my start date.  I'm looking forward to working part-time again doing something that is fun for a change!  I'm not sure what my duties will entail, and will know more once I get started.  I think I'll be doing lots of computer type work which is OK by me.  I love that!  Just as long as I don't have to be a boss to anyone, that is great!!!  So, I'll let you know how things develop.  So, I will be one busy woman, and that is fine with me!!

On Wednesday, I took my completed fall quilt to the center for what we call "Show n Tell."  I had so many people asking if the quilt was going to be raffled or they could just buy it from me.  I kept saying, "No, it's mine!"  Maybe I should be making some of these and putting them on a website to sell.  Gosh!!!  So, I promised to show you better pictures of the finished product, so here it is....

This first picture shows it it on the sofa in our living room.  I had it folded up on the top, but then I decided to move it somewhere else.

This next picture shows the backside of it, which I failed to show you last week.  You can see the stitching that was done on the quilt.  I don't send it out to be quilted by a long-arm quilting machine expert, I prefer to do it all myself.  I did machine quilt it using my Janome with just a stitch-in-the-ditch design.

So I have a couple of these little quilt racks in the home, so this one is in my dining area beside my hutch and it looks very nice there, I think!!

Here is how it looks now.  I hung my rusty star on it.  This star I picked up at the thrift shop a few years ago and it is not a flat star, but has dimension.  I put the sunflower on it with some raffia and had it for sale at a few craft shows I did, but no sale.  Actually, I priced it really high so it wouldn't sell on purpose so I could keep it.  There was a price that I would let it go, but I'm so happy it has stayed with me.  Now, it's NOT FOR SALE, ever again!!

So, that is all the pictures for this week that I can show you.  I can tell you that I'm working on some Thanksgiving projects, that I can't show until after the holiday is over or I'll spoil the surprises for those involved in the finished product.  I'm making nine things, that I'm sure you'll like to see, so I'll sow you in a  later post.

So with that, this week we are having our Thanksgiving Dinner at the center on Thursday, turkey and all the trimmings for $5.00.  That is pretty much all on the schedule thus far this week.  Keep finishing the lamps and Thanksgiving projects.

I want to thank all the veterans for their service to our country.  Thank you to my brother Bill, US Navy, Vietnam; my father-in-law, Bernie, US Army, Korea; my brother-in-law, Dave, US Army;
my cousins, John, US Air Force, and John, US Army.  Also, those in heaven who served us, my brother, Jack, US Army, Vietnam; and my Uncles who were brothers, Adam and John, both US Navy during WWII, also my cousin Lois' husband, Roy, US Army, Fighter Pilot, WWII.  Thanks to all of you for your service and for the freedoms that we have in this great country of ours.  God Bless America!!

Til Next Week, Pray for those afflicted, and I'll be back here in a few days!!


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