Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It's Still Winter Thanks to Punxutawney Phil!!

Hi Everyone,

That darn groundhog saw his shadow and now today Liam has come visiting, hoping he doesn't stay too, too long.  Here is what it looks like outside right now.....

 This is a pic out the front door, I stuck my head out to shoot this.  We have about 5" or so on the ground right now and it is coming down hard and steady.
 You can see the depth of the snow up against the well outside.  Actually looks like it could be more than 5" already.
But with all this snow is beauty, the pine trees along the side of the house are so pretty, my neighbor across the streets pool, not so much!!    Might be able to ice skate on top of it!!

So, with all this you might think that I might be sad.......................
But, I'm not!!!  Actually,

I just can't believe that my "boss" called me to tell me that I didn't need to come to work due to the snowstorm Liam.  REALLY!!  So you're telling someone that worked for the USPS, who lived for 30 years by the motto,  " Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" to stay home because we are getting 3-5".  Just ludicrous!  But, I'm so excited because................................

I haven't quilted in a few months!!  Time to take the cover off that machine of mine and get busy!!!
I lit the pellet stove in the basement, so it will be nice and toasty down there and what am I going to work on............................  well, I have this UFO, (Unfinished Object) that I want to have done by spring, remember this one?????

 Yes, this is a Trip Around the World in bright spring, summer type fabrics.  This is a King Size Quilt.
I haven't measured it all out yet because I still need to add 9" worth of borders around the entire quilt. This is what I hope to accomplish today.  I have my Warm n Natural King Size batting ready to go, but I'm undecided on what backing to use.  If I can have that all figured out and put the layers together, the next time I get a day off or a weekend to just quilt, I can quilt it all, bind it and be ready for the bed. 

I have one other UFO, a wall hanging that just needs to be quilted and bound and it's ready for the craft show in the late summer.  Then I'm going to begin on making some quilted tree skirts, these were so much fun and easy to make that I can't resist making more of them for gifts and sale at the Pymatuning Festival in early August.

So that is what my day looks like, and I'll be making a good dinner tonight, some breaded pork chops and buttered noodles and a veggie.  I made a huge pot of homemade chicken noodle soup on Sunday and we've been eating that everyday, but it's oh, so good on these cold, snowy days.  Maybe we will start off with a cup of that before the dinner.  Sounds like a plan.

Macy Kate had her teeth cleaned and had to have eight teeth removed.  She is all well now again and able to eat her hard food and play with her toys.  She so missed her toys for two weeks while she healed.  So, I now have a toothbrush and chicken flavored toothpaste to brush her teeth.  Yeah!!  How's that going to work out????  Stay tuned........

Hope everyone is well and hopefully we will get spring earlier than 6 weeks!!




  1. Hope you had a good day quilting. It was a good one to stay in. Wade and J were eating dinner and I told him J just want to hibernate

  2. This winter has been the pits!! Cold, snowy, and just when it looks promising for a day we are right back into the teens or single digits. You can bet this spring and summer I’ll be outside in that sunshine we are bound to get at some point! Hang in there, Ann!!! We’ll make it!!!

  3. oooh, I wish I was there... I looooove snow :) Your trip around the world quilt is awesome! Stay warm... xx

  4. We are keeping warm!! We actually are in the 50’s today which is rare. The snow is gone. This is typical for northwest PA, next thing you know we will be freezing cold and more of the white stuff!!